Boxing Gloves- How To Buy The Best


When we talk about buying boxing gloves, you may think why it is so important to focus on a pair of gloves. Well, it is actually a huge contributing factor to a well planned game. Just imagine what would happen in the ring, if the boxing gloves you wear are loose and bounce away. So you need to get the best boxing gloves that are available in the market. Take a look at for further information.

The first point you have to note is that the size of your boxing gloves depends on your weight .it also depends on the purpose. Some boxers keep a separate pair for the actual game and others for practicing, bag work or sparring. Training gloves are the most required ones. These can be used for competing as well.

The standard sizes are as given below:-
· 120lbs & down will need 12oz – 14oz
· 120lbs – 150lbs will need 14oz – 16oz
· 150lbs – 180lbs will need 16oz – 20oz
· 180 lbs & up will need 18oz and more

Sparring gloves
These have extra padding as an added layer of protection. The minimum size will be 16oz for sparring gloves. You should always make sure that your rival does not use a smaller sized sparring glove as this would hurt you badly. All competitors should use sparring gloves as per their weight class. If you belong to the 175lbs class, then you need a sparring glove of minimum 16oz. Both the parties involved should wear similar sized gloves for fair play.

Competition gloves
These are those which are worn for the actual competition. Amateur boxers have to get their gloves approved before appearing for the actual competition. The size should be in par with the weight class. You cannot wear a glove which is not approved by the regulatory board for boxing and appear for a competition.

General tips
Wearing a large sized glove during your training sessions will give more protection to your hands. They will have more padding which is necessary when you train for longer periods with a speed bag. Larger gloves will also help to get accustomed to the weight. When you wear a smaller size for the competition, you will find it easier to move faster. Bag gloves are not as popular as they are more bulky and prevent freedom of movement.

Go for a branded company when it comes to buying the gloves. They are always more reliable. Mexican style gloves are also available. However these are not so good for training sessions. They have less padding which can hurt your hands. You can use them for competitions.

Your gloves should be of perfect fit too. After wearing hand wraps, the gloves should fit snuggly. Make sure you get a pair which fits well. Do not go for an incorrect size just because you get offers or discounts. This is not going to help you. So make sure you do not compromise on the fitting.

Follow the tips suggested and get yourself a great pair of boxing gloves.

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